Necessary Documents/Forms

FORMS: (click to the attached forms to download)

Check List

Arrival Form

Learning Agreement

Student Mobility Certificate

BAU Recognition Sheet

After Mobility Info



Documents to be submitted:

1-Mobility Certificate (has to be original copy)

2-Arrival Form original copy, e-mail version could be accepted

3-Transcipt of Records

4-OLS 2nd Assesment

5-EU Survey

6-Passport copies to be copied by Erasmus Office


With or without grant, all Erasmus+ Exchange students are obliged to complete all the necessary steps. If not, you are subject to legal acts by administrative and academic means. Details are written on the GRANT AGREEMENT that is signed between you (as beneficiary) and the National Agency (grant provider).

When all documents are submitted, we will compare the dates of both your Certificate and Passport. Whichever dates are shorter will determine your total grant. If you have been successful of at least 20 ECTS, you will receive the remaining 20% of your grant.

In some cases, you may have to pay back some amount even if you have been successful in your courses at the host university. This is because the dates of your real stay may not within the confines of the dates on your Acceptance Letter. For instance, in a case where your Acceptance dates are 01/02 to 01/06 but your exams have finished and your Certificate was signed on 07/05; your total grant will be reduced by 23 days. If the remaining 20% do not cover this reduction, you will have to pay back some amount.

Also, the abovementioned situation may revert. Thus, if your departure date on the Acceptance is 01/06 but your exams finished on 19/06; you will be receiving an additional grant for 18 days, complementing your remaining 20% of the total grant.