Announcements regarding COVID-19 Epidemic

Please follow this link for the latest updates and FAQ/SSS on outgoing student mobilities of 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 Academic Year  Exchange Mobilities.

Please follow this link for the latest updates and FAQ/SSS on incoming students mobilities of 2019-2020 Spring and 2020-2021 Mobilities.

Please follow this link for FAQ/SSS about outgoing staff mobilities of 2019-2020 Academic Year

Important!!! For any matter, you can consult to BAU support line  (online psychological counseling and all matters) via the link:

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YÖK announcement (Turkish Council of Higher Education) (16.03.2020)

Turkish National Agency announcement (05.03.2020)

Turkish National Agency announcement

BAU Exchange Programs Office announcement for outgoing mobility (Click here for English Version)

Partners’ Announcements (after 17.03.2020):

Germany, Universtiy of Würzburg (25.03.2020)

The Netherlands, University of Twente

France, ENSAM (19.03.2020)

South Korea, Myongji University (19.03.2020)

Spain, TECNOCAMPUS (18.03.2020)

Finland, University of Turku (18.03.2020)

Germany, Albert Ludwig University (17.03.2020)

Germany, University of Marburg (17.03.2020)

The Netherlands, Saxion University of Applied Sciences (17.03.2020)

Spain, University of San Jorge (17.03.2020)