Kavala Institute of Technology

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Kavala Institute of Technology

Erasmus Code: G KAVALA 01

Program: Business Administration

Number of Students: 2 (Undergraduate)

Duration of Study: 5  months / 1 semester

City: Kavala

Web Page: http://www.teikav.edu.gr/portal/index.php?lang=en

Academic Calendar:

Language of Instruction at the Program: Courses are available in English.

English offered courses: http://erasmus.teiemt.gr/index.php/en/students/incoming-students#courses


Teaching mobility:

Area: Business Administration

Number of Staff:1

Duration :1 week


Staff Trainning:

Number of Staff:1

Duration : 1 week


Application Procedure: http://erasmus.teiemt.gr/index.php/en/students/incoming-students

Application Forms:

Accomodation: http://erasmus.teiemt.gr/index.php/en/students/incoming-students#accommodation

Living costs: http://erasmus.teiemt.gr/index.php/en/students/incoming-students#cost

Students Guide:

Visa Information: