Obuda University

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Obuda University

Erasmus Code: HU BUDAPES 16

Program: Management Engineering, Electrics Electronical Engineering, Mechatronics, Computer Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Energy Systems Engineering, Mechatronical Engineering, Software Engineering

Number of Students: 2 (Undergraduate)

Duration of Study:6 months / 1 semester

City: Budapest

Web Page: http://www.uni-obuda.hu/en

Academic Calendar: http://www.uni-obuda.hu/en/academics/academic-calendar-2015-2016

Language of Instruction at the Program: Courses are available in English.

English offered courses: http://www.uni-obuda.hu/en/academics/engineering-programs-in-english

Teaching mobility:

Area: Electical Engineering

Number of Staff: 1

Duration: 1 week/5 hours

Staff Training:

Number of Staff: 1

Duration: 1 week

Application Procedure: http://erasmus.uni-obuda.hu/en/how-to-apply

Application Forms: http://erasmus.uni-obuda.hu/en/forms

Accomodation: http://erasmus.uni-obuda.hu/en/accommodation

Living Costs: 

  • Accommodation: Private accommodation is available from EUR 300 to 500 / month depending on location and comfort. During the registration week Óbuda University offers help to new students to find accommodation in the city.
  • Food and additional expenses are approximately from EUR 170 to 270 / month. More information is available upon arrival.
  • Health insurance, entitling students for medical care, costs about EUR 120 / semester. Insurance is the condition of both the enrolment at the university and the residence permit. For EU citizens, a valid European Health Insurance Card is necessary.

Visa Information: http://konzuliszolgalat.kormany.hu/en