Academic Coordinators

Erasmus+  Academic Coordinators

Erasmus+ Faculty Academic Coordinators are  responsible for exchange students’  documents regarding their academic planning abroad. Also, our academic coordinators are responsible for course transfere process once the outgoing exchange students return from their abroad studies with an official Transcript of Records.

Incoming Students:

Exchange Students who would like to do their Erasmus+ at BAU are required to apply online with a course list. Academic Coordinators will review their course requests and evaluate the online application at

Students can consult to the academic coordinators only for academic information.

Below is the list of Academic Coordinators for each faculty and graduate school:

Faculty of Communications:

Instructor Deniz EYÜCE ŞANSAL

Faculty of Architecture:

Assoc.Prof. Emine Ümran TOPÇU

Assist.Prof. Kenan Eren ŞANSAL (Interior Architecture & Environmental Design)

Assist.Prof. Dr. Renk DİMLİ ORAKLIBEL  (Industrial Product Design)

Faculty of Law:

Assist.Prof. Zafer Kahraman

Assist. Prof. Gülen Sinem Tek

Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences:

Assoc. Prof.  Selcen ÖNER, Faculty Academic Erasmus Coordinator

Assoc. Prof. Bülent ANIL, World Exchange Programs Coordinator

Assist.Prof. Kaya AKYILDIZ, Consultant Coordinator to the Departments of Psychology and Sociology

Assist. Prof. Z. Hande PAKER UNCU, Consultant Coordinator to the Departments of European Union Relations, Political Science and International Relations

Assist. Prof. Hakkı ÖZTÜRK, Consultant Coordinator to International Finance

Assist. Prof. Renin VARNALI, Consultant Coordinator to Business Administration

Assist Prof. Hümeyra ADIGÜZEL, Consultant Coordinator to the Departments of International Trade and Management, Logistics Management

Assist. Prof. Hanife Deniz KARAOĞLAN, Consultant Coordinator to the Departments of Economics and Economics & Finance

Assist. Prof. H. Övgü TÜZÜN, Consultant Coordinator to the Department of American Culture and Literature


Faculty of Health Sciences:

Res. Assistant Pelin Pişirici

Faculty of Educational Sciences:

Instructor Rukiye Özlem ÖZTÜRK

Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences:

Assist.Prof. Tarkan AYDIN (Computer Engineering)

Assist.Prof. Ömer POLAT (Electrical & Electronics Engineering)

Assist.Prof. Pınar SARISARAY BÖLÜK  (Software Engineering)

Assist. Prof. Canan ACAR (Energy Systems Engineering)

Assist. Prof. Ahmet Serhan KIRLANGIÇ (Civil Engineering)

Dr. Asghar ARYANFAR (Mechatronics Engineering)

Instructor Özlem KANGA (Industrial Engineering , Management Engineering)

Assist. Prof. Burcu Tunç ÇAMLIBEL (Biomedical Engineering)

Assist. Prof. Elizabeth Hemond (Molecular Biology & Genetics)

Faculty of Medicine:

Assoc. Prof. Demet AKIN

Vocational School:


Graduate School of Social Sciences:

Instructor Tugce ASLAN


Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences:

Assist. Prof. Burcu Tunç ÇAMLIBEL

Graduate School of Heath Sciences:

Graduate School of Educational Sciences:

Instructor Rukiye Özlem ÖZTÜRK