Grant winners recieve grants (financial support) according to the scale mentioned below and according to the dates mentioned on their letters of acceptance issued by partner university.

In any case, regarding 2021-2022 Erasmus mobilities, the grants can not be paid and processed before October 2021 (for exp. even If your traineeship starts in June 2021, you will recieve your grant not before than late September/ early October). This is because the legal procedures with the grant provider (Turkish National Agency) and official requirements will not have been completed before October 2021. Other than this, it is planned that program winners recieve their grants one week before their program start- at latest. 


  • By 2019 June, Serbia is also included within the partner countries.
  • 29.05.1989 tarih ve 3294 Sayılı Sosyal Yardımlaşma ve Dayanışmayı Teşvik Kanunu’nun 2. Maddesi kapsamında anne veya babasına ya da kendisine muhtaçlık aylığı bağlanan öğrenciler ekonomik açıdan imkânı kısıtlılara yönelik ilave hibe imkânından yararlanırlar. Aylık 100,00 Avro ek hibe imkanından yararlanmaları için bağlı bulundukları sosyal güvenlik müdürlüğünden ilgili yazıyı getirmeleri gerekmektedir.  ENG>  In accordance with the 2nd article of Social Assistance and Solidarity Law dated 29.05.1989 and numbered 3294, students (or their parents) who are financially supported under this law can benefit from additional grant amount of 100,00 Euros per month. To do apply this, they are required to present the official statement of income from their registered social security governmental branch.



Student Mobility for Studies

                                        –                                                           Grants per Month (€)                                         

Erasmus+ for

Placement/ Traineeship

                                  –                                                 Grants per Month (€)                        

1. Group and 2. Group   UK, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Sweden, Iceland , Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Germany,   Austria, Belgium, France, Republic of Cyprus, Holland, Spain, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Greece



3. Group  Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey