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Erasmus+ Partner Universities

Click here for Erasmus+ Partner Universities List (Upload date: 09.01.2019)

The updated list of partner universities will be published in early January before the 2019- 2020 Erasmus+ Application Period starts.

Reminder: Deciding on an Erasmus+ University preference takes days of research (English offered courses, Language Certificate Requirements, Admission Rules, Course Matching etc). You are the only person who is responsible for your choice; BAUExchange Office is responsible for fair selection of applicants and official nomination to partner university after being selected.


Please have your time and make a good search of the partner universities at their own website by googling the ‘university name erasmus incoming’ or find the relevant website of their exchange programs.

-Be sure to review and consider also:

-Monthly expense of the country

-Accommodation offers of university

-Academic offer (English offered courses, packages, modules offered to incoming erasmus/ exchange students)

-Admission rules (may vary a lot) (Language certificate, minimum ects credits achieved before nomination, extra requirements)

-If the list of English offered courses published on their website complies with your courses to be recognized (you can see at least the last year’s list)

-Visa requirements

-Academic calendar of the partner university

-Weather conditions during your desired semester

… And lots of further research might have been done personally by a student who seeks to do abroad study.