Traineeship Mobility


Application Period:

27 January 2020- 17 February 2020

English Proficiency Test:

25 February  2020 Tuesday, Exact time and place is to be announced to applicants who completed their applications duly.

Traineeship Period:

Your Erasmus+ Placement cannot be less than 2 months and can happen only between: June 1st, 2019- September 30th, 2020. You have to start your internship on 01.08.2020 at latest or you can choose an earlier date to begin. If the time period is clashing with your period of studies at BAU, your OIS account will be locked until you finish your internship.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Grantees will not be able to recieve their grants before the start of October, 2019 as the grant provider (Turkish National Agency) is not delivering the yearly grants before this date.

Selection Criteria:

  • The student must have satisfactorily completed his/her 1st semester on the 1st year at the university.
  • Minimum GPA:

Undergraduate Students: 2.2 out of 4.00

Master Students: 2.5 out of 4.00

  • Two things are considered in the selection: Your GPA is %50 effective and The English Proficiency Exam Result is %50 effective.
  • 10 points will be deducted from the applicant’s final score per each previous participation to Erasmus program.
  • In the case of nonattendance in English Proficiency Exam, the application will be cancelled and 5 points will be deducted from the applicant’s future applications.
  • 10 points will be deducted from future applications of the student who has cancelled his/her program after the announcement of selected students.
  • The relatives of war veteran and martyrs will receive additional 15 points for the final score.
  • Disabled students will receive additional 10 points.
  • Student must not be in debt to the library, financial affairs or any other branches.



  • It is the responsibility of the student to find a position in a company in EU. Before application finishes, student must upload official letter of acceptance with stamp and signature of the company. Without this letter, application cannot be taken into account.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to arrange accommodation. Internship company may help, before deciding on a host company, please consider such conditions.
  • Internship duration must be minimum of 2 months, and maximum of 12 months.
  • Students who want to do their internship after graduation are required to apply before graduation.
  • Students who attended Erasmus+ Studies Mobility can apply Erasmus+ Placement Mobility, but total duration of all Erasmus mobilities cannot be more than 12 months.


  • Students who are selected for Erasmus+ Placement (Traineeship) Mobility will get monthly grants depending on the country they will go to. Total grant will be calculated according to the duration of the selected student’s official traineeship. Students will receive %70 of their total grant before their internship starts.When mobility is completed, passport entrance and exit dates and mobility certificate are examined and total grant is recalculated. Students coming earlier than planned days of mobility will be asked to pay back the relevant amount of grant provided- If the %30 does not cover the difference caused by early return. Moreover, if the student leaves the country of his/her Erasmus for a period of more than 7 days during the exchange, s/he will return the amount equal to whole period of travel carried out.In any case of mobility which lasts less than 2 months, the certificate of the student will be cancelled and student must pay back the %100 of the grant.NOTE:If students start their internships before academic year begins, since grants won’t be paid by the National Agency, there might be delay transferring the grants to students. Payments may be delayed until late september.You will receive the final 20% of the grant after your return to BAU, if you complete the After Mobility Requirements.

Application Procedure Step by Step

  1. Find your internship company. The positions of the trainees must be relevant to their departments at BAU and must be on a practice basis.
  2. Set an appointment with your academic coordinator and get confirmation about the position’s coherence with your department at BAU. You can see the list of academic coordinators at our website.
  3. Collect the letter of acceptance (on the letterhead of the company, official stamp and signature) from the company issued on your name. The letter of acceptance must contain at least the planned dates of traineeship, name-surname and job description.
  4. Complete your pre-application at the online application system ( You are required to upload the letter of acceptance and official transcript of records during the pre-application. Follow ‘Erasmus> Student> Outgoing student during the pre-application. Then choose ‘Internship’ as your program type.
  5. Be sure to enter all the details of the company and the information’s validity.
  6. After completing your preregistration, wait for your application status to be updated as “In the process”.
  7. When application status is updated as “In the process” by BAU Exchange Office, print the application form and have it signed by your academic coordinator. Form must be signed by applicant, as well.
  8. Upload your signed application form to the online system. (Documents can only be uploaded in PDF format.)
  9. Application status of applicant will be updated as “Application Completed”. Only the applications with this status will be evaluated.
  10. After application is completed, take the English Proficiency Test. Date, time and location of the exam will be announced by Exchange Programs Office via e-mail and at the website.

Candicacy and Announcement of Winners:

Selected students for Erasmus Traineeship Program are announced at our website. Winners’ list is announced within 10 days after English Proficiency Test. Application status of the winner students are updated as “Succeed” in the online system.

Application statuses of students listed under additional/ substitutional announcement are updated as ‘Substitute’. Selection committee can consider this list only If a considerable number of students announced as winners cancel their Erasmus programs. No dates are decided for such notification as this process depends on the cancellation of individuals.

Erasmus Student Consultant Office Hours: 

  • You can get more information about the mobility programme from Outgoing Students Coordinator Özge Güner  at BAU Exchance Office at the dates and times which are mentioned below:
  • Monday – Wednesday –Friday between 14:00 – 16:00
  • Also, for further information you can send an e-mail to;


Placement Mobility Forms:

Check List

Learning Agreement for Traineeships

Guideline for Filling out the Learning Agreement

Quality Commitment

Placement Certificate

After Mobility Requirements