Our University has four dormitory buildings with an occupancy of 300 students each. Two of the dormotories are located within walking distance from the university and the other three dormotories are located in the downtown area about 10 – 15 minutes away by bus.

You can find the detailed information about the dormotories with this link:


Voluntary Hosting Programme

Dear Students,

Thanks to our ‘Voluntary Hosting Programe’ you will have an opportunity to stay at our regular student’s places for 10 days of your arrival to Turkey.

Our volunteers would like to welcome you and host you. No doubt that you will feel home.

Those who still couldn’t find a place please send an e-mail to and explain situation and let us match you with regular students who will host you for ten days.

And it is also possible to rent the room if you get on well at the end of 10 days.